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Rosemarie C Miller

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Alphabet Soup is a picture learning app. For each letter of the alphabet, there are a variety of pictures. Each drawn picture represents an object of that letter. You can see the picture with labels or in black-and-white. A more detailed description is below…

1. Picture Learning – Explore the many pictures that the app offers. There are three types of pictures, colored pictures, colored pictures with labels, and blank images that can be used as coloring pages. Press the picture to enlarge it and choose to share or print it if you would like. By interacting with the pictures, you will learn the name and spelling of the object and learn the alphabet.

2. Drawing Learning – Take a coloring image that you discovered in Picture Learning and open it in Drawing Learning. Draw on the image with a customizable line. When you finish drawing, you can export it or download it to you camera roll. Meant to add an element of fun to memorizing the image.

3. Writing Learning – Take your knowledge from the images and learn the correct spelling in writing learning. Choose the letter you want to be tested on and then type in the correct names of each image shown. Your final score will then be displayed, and can be shared.

4. Matching Learning – Further back up your knowledge of naming each image by matching the correct name with the displayed image. Your final score will be shown and can be shared.

5. Testing Learning – Finally, test all of your knowledge in a testing environment. Select the letter you want to be tested on and begin a test that includes matching questions, writing questions and true or false questions. When you submit the test you final score and the images you still need to work on will be displayed.

6. More activities are coming soon!

By learning the names of each image, you associate a letter with a corresponding picture, thus learning the alphabet.

What new in version: 1.4.0!

1. Added Background Pictures to each of the activities, making them more appealing to smaller children. 2. Remade the UI of the welcome screen, as to make it easier to navigate 3. New App Icon - New 3D effect 4. Smaller bug fixes, stability improvements, and all that hoopla 5. In order to improve Alphabet Soup Learning, compatibility for iOS 10 was dropped, so the user must have iOS 11+ in order to update. Sorry for any inconvenience.



Rosemarie C Miller





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