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The Field Guide to Young Living Essential Oils (and more) is a multi-faceted tool that provides critical information you can use to increase your Young Living product knowledge and build your business while on the go.

Young Living Essential Oils(以及更多)的实地指南是一个多方面的工具,提供关键信息,您可以使用这些信息来增加Young Living产品知识,并在旅途中建立自己的业务。

The Field Guide loads with a full view of a sampling of essential oils so that you can test out the application to find out if it is right for your needs. If it meets your requirements, there are 255+ products at your disposal after a quick ONE TIME in-app purchase (no monthly fees of any kind).

现场指南载入精油样本的完整视图,以便您可以测试应用程序以确定它是否适合您的需求。 如果它符合您的要求,那么通过快速的一次性应用程序内购买即可获得255种以上的产品(不含任何类型的月租费)。

Benefits from the Field Guide:
• Product Knowledge – for every product, the app provides a description, ingredients, example Vita Flex point(s), trivia and known warnings.
•产品知识 – 对于每种产品,应用都会提供描述,成分,示例Vita Flex点,琐事和已知警告。
• Product Training – information is selectable by playing “drop the needle” on the scroll wheel. When you have a few minutes of down time, scroll through the Vita Flex catalog or the product listing to tap on an item to learn more – preparation in business building is the key to success! Use those trivia points to take the “dry” out of your product presentations.
•产品培训 – 可通过在滚轮上播放“放针”来选择信息。 当您有几分钟的停机时间时,请翻阅Vita Flex目录或产品清单以点击一个项目以了解更多信息 – 商业建筑的准备是成功的关键! 使用这些琐事点将您的产品介绍中的“干燥”。
• Search Methods – the Field Guide provides for searching any product by Body System, Product Name, Category and Condition. The Field Guide offers a unique approach by asking “What’s Bothering You” and suggesting products that can assist with your searching.
•搜索方法 – “现场指南”提供了通过正文系统,产品名称,类别和条件搜索任何产品。 现场指南提供了一种独特的方法,通过询问“What’s Bothering You”并建议可帮助您搜索的产品。
• Vita Flex Catalog – you can know the product that offers assistance to the need, but even better is to know where to apply the product to provide the assistance. The app contains 54 (and counting) discreet Vita Flex points. If you search by product, the app will relate example Vita Flex points – if you search by Body System or Category/Condition, the Vita Flex points will be related to the specific search criteria used!
•Vita Flex Catalog – 您可以了解为需求提供帮助的产品,但更好的是了解产品的应用位置以提供帮助。 该应用程序包含54(和计数)谨慎的Vita Flex点。 如果您按产品进行搜索,则应用程序将与示例Vita Flex积分相关联 – 如果您通过Body System或Category / Condition进行搜索,则Vita Flex积分将与使用的特定搜索条件相关联!
• Resources – Books and web sites are available now, with videos, articles and the like are on the way from within the app’s Resources section.
•资源 – 图书和网站现已上架,视频,文章等正在从应用程序的资源部分中获取。

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