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To offer users with the most effortless and interactive learning experience possible, Gamified is designed for you to tackle a seemingly insurmountable task of mastering a new language with small baby steps, 8 words at a time. Eight words a day can quickly accumulate to 800 words within a span of few months.

Did you know? – English language
There is a common notion that the average English speaking adult knows between 20,000 to 30,000 words. Recently, a study was published about an analysis with 10 years worth of data mining. It reported that after removing multiword phrases like “blessing in disguise”, and derived words like “adventurous” from “adventure”, a native speaker commands a vocabulary of estimated 20,000 unique words.

Did you know? – Chinese language
Altogether there are over 50,000 Chinese characters, though a comprehensive modern dictionary will rarely list over 20,000 in use. An educated Chinese person knows about 8,000 characters but will only need about 2-3000 characters in daily conversations.

Minimal text
The game is designed with ease of use in mind, the settings and selection menus of the game is presented with concise visuals and icons. Even non-english users would be able to easily manoeuvre through the selection menus and the entirety of the game with minimal effort.

Modern User Interface
Artistically designed themes that are free and unlockable to keep your interest piqued, collect stars simply by playing and learning. Unlock aesthetically pleasing colourful themes that would enhance your usage experience all for the price of FREE.

Learn up to 8 languages
Learn English, Chinese, French, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and Thai with artfully crafted visuals and interactive games

Made In Singapore

What new in version: 1.8!

Free Giveaway - "Mysterious Peaks" Theme is now unlocked for free and set as default theme Added new running stars animation on correct matches Fixed minor layout issues - increased compatibility on supported screen sizes Trimmed source code - increasing app performance across all supported devices



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