Hitting the bullseye : Full

Aditya Mohata

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  • Hitting the bullseye : Full
  • Hitting the bullseye : Full
  • Hitting the bullseye : Full
  • Hitting the bullseye : Full


A Paid game without ADS and IAP…

Gameplay :-
There are multiple layers and each layer consists of normal segments and may consist of SPECIAL SEGMENTS that are black in color. Your job is to pass through all the layers without hitting any of those special segments and make you way to the center.

The formation is designed as a spinning wheel, with the formation in a constant state of rotation. This is a super fun and highly addictive game suited for everyone.

This game consists of several multi layered rotating circular segments and your task is to penetrate these segments and try to shoot the Bull’s Eye at the center.

Features include :-
1) Simple UI
2) Addictive gameplay
3) Cool music and sound effects
4) Over 200 LEVELS(more to be added soon)
5) Nice animation
6) No IAP, universal support and awesome gameplay!

Try it yourself!

What new in version: 1.0!



Aditya Mohata




5.94 MB