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Zoran Gajic

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Track, monitor, and understand your menstrual cycle with an app that truly gets you.
MyM-Cycle was designed to be both beautiful and useful.
See fertile days and variations in your cycle at a glance.
MyM-Cycle makes it possible to plan the next chapter in your life, or avoid unwanted pregnancy, putting you back in control.


– Period calculations take account of your personal fluctuations
– Estimation of the beginning of your Menstrual Cycle
– Estimated daily possibilities of pregnancy
– Estimation for ovulation day
– Ticking time for your ovulation, fertile days and the beginning of your first day of M- Cycle
– History that can manage your mode to count down the days, as well as possibility to manage and correct your calendar.
– Notification for estimated Menstrual period day 1, 1st fertile day and ovulation day
– Backup and restore data from iCloud
– Languages: English, Greek, Serbian

What new in version: 2.0!

- Backup and restore data from iCloud



Zoran Gajic




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